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Send your bags directly between home and destination in more than 200 countries.

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PerryGolf is one of the leading providers of international golf tours and cruises to dozens of the world’s most memorable destinations. We arrange every aspect of completely personalized Custom Tours to Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia for groups of men, women and couples that combine play at marquee clubs with sightseeing, wine touring, safaris and famous resorts. We also offer an annual collection of fixed-departure and fully managed Escorted Tours for parties of 24-30 that our clients enjoy especially for the opportunity to meet new like-minded friends.

PerryGolf Cruises sail throughout the year beginning with New Zealand/Australia and South America in January, February & March followed by the British Isles including attendance to The Open plus the Mediterranean, Iberian Peninsula and Baltic Sea during the spring and summer. At the end of the year, we can be found in the Arabian Gulf. We exclusively partner for Cruises with Azamara® and their four ocean liners Quest, Pursuit, Journey and Onward for less than 700 guests.

For those who enjoy combining their love of golf with their passion for travel, PerryGolf is uniquely qualified to arrange the best of both.

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